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Dear Colleagues,
The Internet Society has announced that it is seeking applications  
for the next round of the ISOC Fellowship to the IETF  program. The  
program offers engineers from developing countries fellowships that  
fund the cost of attending an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)  
As you know, the IETF is the Internet's premier standards-making  
body, responsible for the development of protocols used in IP-based  
networks. IETF participants represent an international community of  
network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers involved in  
the technical operation of the Internet and the continuing evolution  
of Internet architecture.
Fellowships will be awarded through a competitive application  
process. The Internet Society is currently accepting fellowship  
applications for the next two IETF meetings:
    * IETF 70 being held in Vancouver, Canada on December 2-7 2007, and
    * IETF 71 being held in Philadelphia, USA on March 9-14, 2008
Up to five fellowships will be awarded for each IETF meeting.
Full details on the ISOC Fellowship to the IETF, including how to  
apply, are located on the ISOC website at :
Fellowship applications for both IETF meetings are due by 7 September  
The Internet Society formally launched the ISOC Fellowship to the  
IETF program in January 2007 after successfully piloting the program  
during 2006 at IETF 66 in Montreal and IETF 67 in San Diego. Fifteen  
individuals from 12 countries have participated in the program since  
its inception.
I encourage you to pass information about this program to individuals
involved in your regional operators' groups that have a keen interest
in the Internet standardisation activities of the IETF.  You also may
consider being a reference for the applicant.
If you have questions, please do not hesiate to contact Karen Rose
 <mailto:rose at isoc.org> <rose at isoc.org> or Mirjam Kuehne
<mailto:mir at isoc.org> <mir at isoc.org>.
Kind Regards,
Mirjam Kuehne
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