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Actually, so far we've seen a lot of value in it. And it's not just for the
home, though that's seeming to have value too. Basically, we're using PON to
deliver metro Ethernet for corporate at 'VERY' high bandwidths relative to
their previous experiences in the GCC. Also, for some of our high end
clients, we have a project division that has installed PON to the desk for
many of them. They find it an amazing solution for internal connectivity
that allows their IT staff maximum control of services and bandwidths to
each user.


As to the home, the particular brand we use has a patent for satellite over
fiber. Basically, a user can get his standard fee channel or paid channel
satellite without investing in a dish and having to cable. HD TV still
hasn't caught on much in Bahrain so that's a few years away. Still, I'd like
to see it go there. I love my HD T V and I'd love service on it ;)


Anyway, the point is the bandwidth is there. I'm of the view that once the
bandwidth is there, the users will invent their own uses for it. Like
gaming. This is starting to pick up like wildfire here. There are many 'VAS'
license holders that run game servers and charge for them. Previously,
they've not been successful because the bandwidth wasn't there. Now, PON is
making that a reality for a lot of users with no incremental cost or


Salman, has Qtel deployed anything in the PON area yet? I remember when we
talked last there were plans.





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Hi All,

This is interesting Fahad, as matter of fact, Bahrain is will suited, at
least from my own personal estimate, for such deployment (xPON in any
flavor), however, to consider xPON seriously there should be a need, just
like peering; where the need is to reduce transit traffic. saving on cost
and gaining on network performance.

I've had a discussion with my colleagues in Qtel, re: the technology
evolvement roadmap, now looking at what is possible (of course we are now
talking 'almost' about FTTH):

1. household will be able to connect (IP connection) at highier speed than
the traditional xDSL (including aDSL 2+).
2. once achieved, then the possibilities are open: IPTV in HD mode (of
course this what would first strike any bodys mind), and so on.

now the question is had any operator/service provider seen a value out in


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I just thought I'd start up another topic of interest to network operators.
PONs. Network overheads are supposed to be greatly reduced and operations
more streamlined with the technology. Also, the structure of deployment is
changed so there are lower dig costs and, as a result of reduced capex,
higher IRR rates.

We've deployed PON in Bahrain and we love it. Still, Bahrain is small. I am
interested in finding out if anyone has deployed it on a much bigger scale
and what their experience is? What technical challenges did they face?


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