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True True ;) But the costs of running and maintaining ADSL2 vs PON?
Although, PON being a new(er) technology and ADSL2 being easily deployed on
old infrastructure means that ADSL is the easier choice for operators. I
don't think it makes it the best though. My view is that always, provide the
bandwidth, and customer will find a use for it. Let me give an example, in
our region, the majority of the banking industry is on 512kbps IPLCs. DS3s
and STM1s are for a select few and even those wince at the cost. Reason:
Bandwidth is limited so competition is limited and the users today who
aren't using DS3s and STM1s can't even imagine what the bandwidth can be
used for. 


We have had a particular financial institution use us for the last three
years. When they used us, 128kbps was enough for them. Today, they are up to
about 12mbps with no end to their demand in sight. They'll soon reach the
STM1 state, I am sure. 


The same is true for the Home. Deliver, and watch the usage increase.









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> once achieved, then the possibilities are open: IPTV in HD mode 

> (of course this what would first strike any bodys mind), and so on.


BTW:  IPTV is specifically designed, even for HD, to work well with ADSL2+
and does not *not* require FTTH.  Indeed, most, if not all, US telecos
deploying IPTV today do so over copper.


Best regards,



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Hi All,

This is interesting Fahad, as matter of fact, Bahrain is will suited, at
least from my own personal estimate, for such deployment (xPON in any
flavor), however, to consider xPON seriously there should be a need, just
like peering; where the need is to reduce transit traffic. saving on cost
and gaining on network performance.

I've had a discussion with my colleagues in Qtel, re: the technology
evolvement roadmap, now looking at what is possible (of course we are now
talking 'almost' about FTTH):

1. household will be able to connect (IP connection) at highier speed than
the traditional xDSL (including aDSL 2+).
2. once achieved, then the possibilities are open: IPTV in HD mode (of
course this what would first strike any bodys mind), and so on.

now the question is had any operator/service provider seen a value out in


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I just thought I'd start up another topic of interest to network operators.
PONs. Network overheads are supposed to be greatly reduced and operations
more streamlined with the technology. Also, the structure of deployment is
changed so there are lower dig costs and, as a result of reduced capex,
higher IRR rates.

We've deployed PON in Bahrain and we love it. Still, Bahrain is small. I am
interested in finding out if anyone has deployed it on a much bigger scale
and what their experience is? What technical challenges did they face?


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