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Hello Fahad,


We have implemented Exterity IPTV and it is working great. 







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Hello Everyone,


MENOG 1 was great! Personally, I had a lot of opportunities to meet
people and make friends as well as address technical issues of interest
and learn from other's experiences. I have to say, it was so great I
can't wait for MENOG 2. 


Paul, when is that announcement taking place? We all want to book our
flights. I am sure everyone else who was there feels the same and those
who were not probably want to come this time around ;) 


Which reminds me, everyone, please feel free to thank Guarab for putting
this list up so you can all get my email telling you how great MENOG 2
will be! This time around, we have an organizing committee, a program
committee, a list, and a proper website that is undergoing more
development. For those of us who where there for MENOG 1, we all know
that this is light years ahead. And more light years await. 


Personally, for the first mailing out, I'd like to ask for some advice.
I want to know what's the current most cost effective way of
connectivity to Jordon. I also want to see if anyone on this list has
implemented IPTV and maybe compare PON implementations to see compare
strengths and weaknesses.



Let me know.



Oh and for a particular person on this list, I know I promised to get
back to you about load balancing on dual ISP services. I haven't
forgotten you. I'll email you separately with the solution (and an
explaination of the delay ;)).







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