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Nope. I don't think anyone can confirm that. But for a different reason.

It was a ships Anchor. Basically the ship was stopped off the cost of
Alexandria when a storm hit and dragged the ship and it's Anchor a distance
long enough to cut off both SMW4 and Flag.

SMW3 is still up though :)

Oh and imagine the bad luck... Day before yesterday, Falcon gets cut too. 

Anyway for those of you who want news but can't get it, the repair ship
recently left Marseille. It will be on top of SMW4 first. They expect to fix
that on Saturday. It will then move on to Flag which they expect to need
another week after that.  

Hope this helps. We are also trying to put together a panel during MENOG 3
to address this issue and be a core for a working group to investigate what
can be done in the future to avoid such disasters.


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Could anyone please confirm whether it was a ship's anchor which destroyed
the SMW3 cables?


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Can anyone please confirm to information about MENOG 3?


Abeer GPX Egypt

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