[menog] Cable Cuts & Reduction of Future Operational Impact.

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Abdulrahman Al Marzouqi wrote:

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> However this does not stop us from discussing best practices in handling such situations, by focusing on Internet Service Providers. It would be a good idea if someone could share to others (in the next MENOG), strategies and practices in avoiding these disasters and handling them once they occurred.
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I wish to point out by way of offering certain clarification that there 
exists - a need for distinct approaches here, delineated either by one's 
mission emphasis, domain of operational influence or both.  By this, I 
mean to suggest that 'infrastructure owners' will need to employ a 
different sort of strategy than those who are merely 'operators.'  
Naturally, in some parts of the world, owners are also operators;  where 
still another strategic orientation must exist.

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