[menog] .asia landrush

Fahad AlShirawi fahad at 2connectbahrain.com
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While I haven't been building the internet for as long as Bill, I agree with
the sentiment. The sad part is that while weight loss pills are so bad for
you (and they don't really work), people still buy them. It's like a knife
in the heart knowing that people are using the Internet we love to leverage
the same ignorance just to make more money.

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Jim's comments seemed spot-on to me.  I just sat through a presentation by 
the .asia folks on specifically this topic yesterday, at the APTLD meeting 
during APRICOT, and it was essentially 100% marketing.  It sounded like 
they were selling miracle weight-loss pills or something, not anything to 
do with the Internet.  It was really disappointing.  I didn't become and 
engineer and work on building the Internet for twenty years to enable 


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