[menog] WiMAX the mythical story

Salman Al-Mannai SMANNAI at qtel.com.qa
Fri May 16 18:21:51 GMT 2008


I've had  lengthy discussion with my colleagues, most of the discussion/argument was around the so called Wi-MAX, while what is said about the move from 16d to 16e is true in the since that 16d has no sense to exist and must be 'replaced' by 16e. however, vendors are marketing around the concept of 'soft' migration from 16d to 16e, which I think, if my 4 years old kid spoke English (which he does, but no technical jargons yet) would've said 'impossible' to do! Without replacing the system as whole.

Other than modulation, which, to my understanding is probably different, there might be other reasons preventing the 'soft' migration from happening.

Has anyone witnessed a successful 'soft' migration from '16d' to '16e'?

Soft means: software upgrade with little tweaking of the device without replacing the whole system.


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