[menog] Satellite Transport Services

Kiyam Kadir kiyam at gorannet.net
Mon Apr 20 14:58:29 GMT 2009

Dear Joe,
now that was a perfect explanation of what I want and would like to achieve.
I thank you very much for your support
and pointing me in the right direction.

I will have a look at intelsat and see what I can get, but my biggest
problem is that I will need inclined orbit on Ku-Band
and free space segment over Iraq. I am planning to establish multiple point
to point links into London, Frankfurt, NY, CA, and 
somewhere in Asia.

so that’s going to be a little difficult but thanks to you I know where to
start at least.


Thank you
Best regards,
Kiyam Kadir
Goran Net ISP
Business Consultant
EMail: kiyam at gorannet.net
Tel: 00964 (0) 770 2 666 666

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On 20-Apr-2009, at 10:31, Kiyam Kadir wrote:

> the satellite I need should be able to handle capacities of up to  
> 200Mbps at most. do you think this company offers such a service?

Back when I used to do these things in New Zealand, you could encode a  
155Mbit/s symbol rate into a single C-band transponder channel. On  
IntelSat 177E which we were using at the time the service we could  
obtain was limited by available spectrum on the satellite (this was in  
the days before Southern Cross was commissioned, when PacRim-East was  
essentially full, and there was a brief boom in IP over satellite in  
the Pacific).

IntelSat spectrum availability and pricing always used to be public.  
All that remained was to identify a suitable signatory in a fibre- 
connected location to provide an uplink, and purchase some transit.  
Quite possibly there are other approaches for buying an integrated  
service, today.

No doubt there are other satellite operators that should also be  
considered, but IntelSat pricing might give you a useful baseline.


Remember that if you're looking for a duplex service, you will need  
spectrum at both uplink locations. Also consider that you don't  
necessarily need the same RF bandwidth at both ends if your traffic  
requirements are asymmetric (e.g. you might be able to combine a 155M  
[symbol-rate] uplink from the remote location with a much narrower  
local uplink).


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