[menog] Satellite Transport Services

Joe Abley joe.abley at icann.org
Tue Apr 21 20:21:41 GMT 2009

On 21 Apr 2009, at 07:54, Wasim Elomari (waelomar) wrote:

> Please remove me too.
> You should in fact send an unsubscribe link to those who wish not to  
> be receiving these emails.

The unsubscribe link is in the headers of every message that is sent  
through the list, and was also sent to the list by me a short time ago.

Here it is again:


Sending mail to all the subscribers of a mailing list containing  
instructions to the mailing list administrators surely accomplishes  
nothing more than causing more irritation, and causing more people to  
want to unsubscribe.

Please, stop the madness! :-)


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