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Dear Smith,
I prefer to have workshop on IPv6 and on Routing.


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Hello everyone,

As I mentioned in the Call For Proposals notification a couple of days
ago, the MENOG Organising Committee would like to offer two workshops
during MENOG this April.

We would therefore like to ask for expressions of interest in subject
matter as well as participation in these workshops.

To launch the MENOG workshops, we are considering three topics:
- Routing (OSPF/ISIS and BGP, configuration best practices, etc.)
- IPv6 (Intro, Routing protocols, co-existence, network deployment)
- Network Security (Routers, Routing Protocols, Infrastructure, etc.)

Please indicate to us which of the three topics you would prefer to
participate in, and how many colleagues would be interested in joining
you.  Your reply can be sent to <menog-sec at menog.net>.

Workshop Outline

The workshops include a full lab, designed for network engineers and
operators who are running existing ISP infrastructure, who are
interested in scaling their network operation, or who are about to
deploy a new network.  The workshops are approximately 50% lecture and
50% intensive hands on.

The workshops are not for everyone.  The workshop prerequisites
include a working knowledge of configuration fundamentals; good
understanding of how routing works; some knowledge of network
security; user level UNIX and maybe some UNIX system administration
skills; some experience with TCP/IP network design; and the ability to
think through complex lab exercises.

The instructors are experienced in the Internet Operations community,
having given many similar workshops at other major regional Operations
meetings (such as APRICOT, SANOG, AfNOG etc), as well as for many
country organised events.

Attending a Workshop

MENOG will charge a fee for the three day workshop.  This fee will
cover course materials, workshop room hire, breaks and lunch.  MENOG
is run as not-for-profit, so the fee charged would be cost recovery
only.  The instructors willingly contribute their time to help further
the spread of skills and best practices across the Internet.

As in other workshops around the world, class sizes will be limited to
28.  This ensures an effective instructor/participant ratio.

Payment of workshop fees may be done via the on-line registration or
on-site in cash.  Please note that we will operate a strict policy of
those who pay first get a seat first; on-line payment is strongly
encouraged.  If a participant pays in advance, but fails to show up
without prior notification at the start of the workshop, the place
will be given to the next in any wait list.

Please indicate to <menog-sec at menog.net> what you would consider
acceptable as a participation fee.  As a guide, we would expect the
fee to be approximately $300 for the three day workshop.


Philip Smith,
On behalf of the MENOG Organising Committee

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