[menog] MENOG 5: Thank you

Philip Smith pfs at cisco.com
Thu Nov 5 22:14:45 GMT 2009

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the MENOG Coordination Team, I would like to thank you for
attending the MENOG 5/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Beirut last week.

MENOG 5 included 3 days of hands-on technical workshops, half day of
tutorials, and one and a half days of plenary conference incorporating
the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting.

The event as a whole received lots of positive and appreciative feedback.

There were approximately 180 attendees from 29 different countries. A
list of attendees is posted at:

All presentations are available at:

An overview of all the sponsors is posted at:

Details of upcoming MENOG meetings will posted at:

Thanks once again on behalf of the MENOG Coordination Team and we hope
to see you at MENOG 6 which is planned to be held in April 2010.

Kind regards,

Philip Smith
On behalf of the MENOG Coordination Team

Sultan AlShamsi, Fahad AlShirawi, Osama I Al-Dosary, Sandra Gijzen,
Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Paul Rendek, Therese Saliba Khairallah,  Salam Yamout

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