[menog] Peering / IX Bof @ MENOG6

Mehmet Akcin mehmet at akcin.net
Sun Apr 18 04:55:39 GMT 2010

Dear all,

Thank you for attending Peering / IX Panel & BOF

During this panel we've learned how to start an IX and operate by Kurtis, and how to upgrade / expand it by Arnold with real life experience examples.

Later we have quickly visited several topics such as route servers and peeringdb. After that we've received update from several ISPs who serves the users of the region thousands of miles away. Netnod/DE-CIX/Mix and the new exchange point initiative IST-IX.

Special thanks to our panelists Arnold/Kurtis/Max and Mauro for coming from long way to Riyadh.

Also thanks to all sponsors of MENOG 6 , Our amazing hosts in Saudi Arabia and of course Osama & Paul. Well done guys.

I am looking forward to see you all in Istanbul, my home country.

IX / Peering Panel Chair 
Program Committee MENOG

On Apr 9, 2010, at 2:12 PM, Mehmet Akcin wrote:

> Dear MENOG'ers 
> This is a follow up email for Peering / IX Bof @ MENOG6 in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia, 
> IXP Operations - Kurtis Lindqvist (Netnod)
> IX Bird of a Feather Panel
> 	• Max Figueroa - IST-IX
> 	• Arnold Nipper - DE-CIX
> 	• Mauro Magrassi - MIX
> 	• Kurtis Lindqvist - Netnod
> Testing Multiple Route Servers and Peering DB - Arnold Nipper (DE-CIX) and Mehmet Akcin (ICANN)
> I am looking forward to see you all at 9am-1030am on 14 April 2010 in Ibn-Turki Hall
> Please see the agenda at http://www.menog.net/meetings/menog6/agenda for details.
> please feel free to contact http://www.menog.net/contact if you have any questions.
> Mehmet Akcin

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