[menog] RE: Emirates network problem?

Motaz Alturayef m.alturayef at go.com.sa
Thu Apr 29 17:57:20 GMT 2010

Today we had some traffic dropping/flapping via some of our international links terminated in London, there was no obvious reason for that. I guess today there was some issue in the global internet. And yes we have had some problems with packet loss (but not 95%) via Flag and some other links during the past three days, and this was due the submarine cable cut repair, which was effecting the global internet.

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Motaz Alturayef

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We're experiencing problems with connection from London to Abu Dhabi..
seeing the traffic flipping between using Emirates network all the way
from London, which works, and then sometimes fails over to Flag cable
which has 95% packet loss and doesn't work!

Does anyone else see this problem, or know of the cause?


Steve Haskew

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