[menog] reminder - call for content for MENOG 7

Philip Smith pfs at cisco.com
Thu Aug 12 02:07:43 GMT 2010

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the MENOG Programme Committee are still very keen
to receive programme submissions for MENOG 7, to be held in Istanbul
from 21st to 29th October.

The two day conference plenary portion of MENOG takes place on the 22nd
and 23rd of October. If you'd like to present work which is of interest
to other ISPs in the Middle East, please consider submitting your
presentation proposal:


(If you don't have an account on the submission system, simply create
one for yourself first.)

More information about MENOG 7 is on the website at
http://www.menog.net/meetings/menog7. And as the Coordination Team
announced on Tuesday, registration is now open!

Thanks, the PC are looking forward to receiving your presentation
proposals! :-)

for the MENOG7 PC

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