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> As you can see in the attachment (unofficial translation), our Prime Minister (T. Erdogan) published a Circular about IPv6 in Official Journal dated 8 December 2010.
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> Is this in another format other than MS Word's .docx format?  
> scott
The font is not correct to the original, but, hopefully you will consider text adequate:

Plan for Public Sector’s Transition to IPv6

Phase 1 (January 1st, 2011 – August 31th, 2012):
1.1. Governmental agencies shall perform an inventory analysis to assess whether their hardware and software has IPv6 support or not.
1.2. By considering the lifecycles of the software and hardware which are not IPv6-compatible, a plan shall be prepared to renew these items and the costs shall be considered in the annual budget studies. 
1.3. Governmental agencies shall get IPv6 addresses and IPv6 connections until August 31th , 2012 at latest.
1.4. No investment for network software and hardware which is not IPv6-compatible shall be made after August 31th , 2012.
1.5. Governmental agencies shall assess their staff’s training needs on IPv6 transition and IPv6-enabled services.  Necessary training shall be completed until March 1st, 2012 at latest. 
1.6. Governmental agencies can get their trainings from “Ipv6 Transition Training Centre” which will be formed under Turkish Academic and Technological Research Council of Turkey - Turkish Academic Network and Information Centre (ULAKBIM). The scope of the training program will be determined and announced by ULAKBIM.
1.7. This training could be provided from another entity which is a “personnel licensing institute” accredited according to standards TS EN ISO/IEC 17024 or ISO/IEC 17024.

Phase 2 (September 1st, 2012 – December 31th , 2012):
2.1. Governmental agencies shall make at least one of their Internet-based services IPv6-compatible as a pilot application until December 31th ,2012 at latest.

Phase 3 (January 1st, 2013 – August 31th , 2013):       
3.1. Governmental agencies shall make their all Internet-based services open to public access IPv6-compatible until August 31th, 2013 at latest.   

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