[menog] news from Turkey

Sezen YEŞİL syesil at btk.gov.tr
Thu Dec 30 08:44:21 GMT 2010

Thank you all for the feedback!

Dear Richard and Owen,
I would agree with you that the timeline could be earlier than it is now.
In the previous draft versions it was so actually,
But I think that governments need to balance technical views with some realities (budget, capacities, etc):)
I mean, a plan which is not perfect but more applicable is better than a plan which is technically perfect but far from being practicable.

Dear Max,
Majority (in terms of number of customers) of ISPs is ready for IPv6 connectivity. 
I believe that IPv6 capable hardware and software will visit Turkey if they see profit here :)
Human capacity will be the weakest chain in my opinion, but in the Circular there is a training program to meet the needs. Nevertheless, trying to achieve that plan would be "something" :)


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Good news!

Is there enough resources (i.e. IPv6 connectivity, system administrators
and other technicians, IPv6 capable hardware and software) to do that?

29.12.10 19:40, Owen DeLong написав(ла):
> I would agree. It looks like a reasonable plan, but, the time line seems a
> bit late to me.
> Owen
> On Dec 29, 2010, at 9:08 AM, Richard Barnes wrote:
>> Dear Sezen,
>> Thank you for forwarding this.  It is good to see the government
>> setting clear milestones for IPv6 deployment.  I suspect that they
>> might ultimately find that they need to transition a little more
>> quickly.
>> --Richard
>> 2010/12/29 Sezen YEŞİL <syesil at btk.gov.tr>:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I would like to inform you about a recent development in Turkey.
>>> As you can see in the attachment (unofficial translation), our Prime
>>> Minister (T. Erdogan) published a Circular about IPv6 in Official Journal
>>> dated 8 December 2010.
>>> I would be very happy to hear your opinions on this plan.
>>> Thank you and I wish you a happy new year!


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