[menog] news from Turkey

Owen DeLong owend at he.net
Fri Dec 31 17:53:24 GMT 2010

> Dear Owen,
> We have some estimates for IPv4 pool exhaustion at the IANA and RIR level, but what about LIR's? Turkey's IP demand cannot be the same as USA's, China's or Japan's. But of course if we see some urgency in two years, plan could be revised accordingly. The main idea in the plan is: 1-be aware, 2-see what you got in your hand, 3-train yourself, 4-get experience on IPv6. Three out of these four would be a success in my opinion.

While that's true, I'm willing to bet that Turkish web sites want to be reachable
from US, China, or Japanese clients, too. I'm also willing to bet that as things
progress, people in Turkey want to be able to talk to IPv6 resources in those

As such, since there will be people on the other end that are increasingly
IPv6 only, it seems to me that would cause need for IPv6 in Turkey as well, no?


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