[menog] ISPs and IPv6 access

Ahmed Abu-Abed ahmed at tamkien.com
Wed Jan 13 17:02:18 GMT 2010

Yes, awareness is quite lacking for the public, but most of the internet users do not really know or care about IPv4 or v6. As long as their internet and email works that's all they need.

However on the ISP side it is a different issue. Now we have one level of NAT, and as v4 depletion comes closer we either move to v6, or stay on v4 with two (or higher) layers of NAT with all the consequences of the latter. Smart ISPs who already started offering v6 to end users include Internode (Australia), XS4ALL (Holland), Free (France), while Comcast (USA) is close to launching this service to end users including a permanent public v6 address to each user.

In the Middle East it's been very slow in adopting v6 on the ISP side. My question is why ? Lack of training ? Fear of disrupting the existing network ? No demand or business case (isn't v4 depletion enough of a case) ? Core or access solution issues ?

The switch to v6 won't happen over night, it has to be gradual and extend from core to edge to subscribers ...


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  I've been away from the MENOG for over a year now, only last week I was approached by someone from the 'top brd' who made a very strong statement about IPv6 after asking me which IP version we have in the company? :\ of course my answer was IPv4! Then he replied in a steaming mode: See how lousy you are doing, I just heard that IPv6 is out and you are not even at version 5! 

  This leads to one conclusion; we have not build enough awareness about IPv6 in the region, hence, I would like to see more participation from bright names such as Randy Bush and Dr. Latif Ladid in future MENOG events.


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  Are their any ISPs (or other network providers) on the MENOG list that wish to offer IPv6 access to their subscribers ? I like to know what are the main issues that are preventing offering this service.


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