[menog] ISPs and IPv6 access

Bernd SPIESS Bernd.SPIESS at ascus.at
Wed Jan 13 18:04:42 GMT 2010

Hi Ahmed

Hello from Austria to Menog

we have it running in our backbone since about one year
and bring up own servers and connect ip transit customers with

regarding subscriber we have to say that actually still no one is
asking for it except a few techies who are part of friendly customer test phase
where we collect experience.

regarding larger rollout we see many discussions regarding cpe´s with
no or less ipv6 support - questions and also upgrade needs regarding ppp,
vpdn, l2tp, radius infrastructure - and of course the thing with no-nat and
firewalls without ipv6 support ... this will all be well prepared and well tested...

any other opinions ?


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Are their any ISPs (or other network providers) on the MENOG list that wish to offer IPv6 access to their subscribers ? I like to know what are the main issues that are preventing offering this service.


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