[menog] Re: MENOG Programme in Bahrain + Cisco Networkers BAHRAIN 2010, March 28-31

Philip Smith pfs at cisco.com
Tue Jan 26 06:49:45 GMT 2010

Mohd Razzaqi said the following on 26/01/10 16:12 :
> Just for my information, if MENOG 6 going to be held in Saudi Arabia by
> early April of this year , does it mean that MENOG programme as usual
> every year used to be hold in Bahrain will be cancelled for this year ?

Well, it's true that MENOG 1 and MENOG 4 have been in Bahrain, but there
is no "plan" to have an annual event in Bahrain. The Coordination Team
goes wherever we receive a serious offer of hosting the event. And we
really want to go to locations in the region where we haven't been before.

We've had strong interest from Saudi Arabia for some time now, so that's
where we are off to this April. The venue for later on this year is
still under discussion. But we'd love suggestions or, better still,
offers to host MENOGs in 2011 and 2012. :-)

Best wishes,


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