[menog] connection problem, maybe related to blocking at ISPs

Jim Mercer jim at reptiles.org
Tue Jun 22 05:26:38 GMT 2010


i am having a strange problem.

since yesterday, our corporate website has not been reachable on port 80
or 443, at http://www.innexiv.com

this has been a problem with Wateen and Nayatel, both in Pakistan.

it should be noted that all other ports (smtp/imap/pop/etc) seem to work fine,
so it is not a routing issue.

when i VPN to a server Canada, the site access works fine.

when i VPN to a server on etisalat, the connection also hangs.
i think there are problems in saudi as well.

further investigation seems to indicate that the following sites are also
blocked (for port 80 and 443 only):

innexiv.com has address
reliable-access.net has address
autosportz.org has address

there are other hosts, but these are one representative per /24 that appears
to be locked.

i would appreciate it if you could try the sites, and let me know (privately)
if they are accessible on your network or not.

my suspicion is that somehow my blocks made it onto some black list.
if that is the case, i would be happy to talk to the appropriate people,
and find the content that is objectionable, and remove it.

also, if you are, or know a clueful contact at wateem, nayatel and/or etisalat,
i would appreciate that as well.

thank you.


Jim Mercer        jim at reptiles.org        +92 336 520-4504

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