[menog] ADSL Service Provider Bandwidth Forecasting

Kiyam Kadir kiyam at gorannet.net
Sat Mar 13 14:17:51 GMT 2010

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

can anyone of you point me in the right direction on how a xDSL service
provider forecasts bandwidth upgrades, calculates future requirements and

contention ratio calculations ?


any help is appreciated.


PS: Should Philip see this email I would appreciate if he can point me in
the right direction to read this in his book or at least write something
about and put it in his book.



thank you in advance.




Thank you



Best regards,



Kiyam Kadir

Goran Net ISP

Business Development Manager

EMail:  <mailto:kiyam at gorannet.net> kiyam at gorannet.net

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