[menog] ADSL Service Provider Bandwidth Forecasting

Jim Mercer jim at reptiles.org
Sun Mar 14 05:05:34 GMT 2010

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 05:17:51PM +0300, Kiyam Kadir wrote:
> can anyone of you point me in the right direction on how a xDSL service
> provider forecasts bandwidth upgrades, calculates future requirements and
> bandwidth 

one should also remember that even with the best efforts to determine the 
requirements on a technical basis, the business case usually is the deciding

over the years, i've been asked "how many users on a 64K link?",
"on a 1M link?", "on an E1?", "on a DS3?".

and regardless of user ratios and various other formula, the answer is
generally how much do you want to tolerate your users complaining that
the network is slow?

this becomes even more the case where you are in areas where bandwidth is
expensive, or limited, or expensive and limited.

in this, customer expectations are usually out of line with the economic 

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