[menog] IPv4 March 2011 depletion

Owen DeLong owend at he.net
Mon Nov 15 01:43:53 GMT 2010

>> DS-Lite client needs to be implemented as a protocol on the CPE. NAT64 has a big catch in that it assumes your PC (or smart mobile host for that matter) is not on dual-stack, i.e. an IPv6-only host, which is a challenge. NAT64 also needs reworking the DNS infrastructure.
> This is not necessarily true, but, if your PC is dual stack and wants to receive literal A records,
> it should need NAT64 and shouldn't be talking to a NAT64 nameserver.
That should read:

...it does not need NAT64 and shouldn't be talking to a NAT64 nameserver.

> It is true that if you are running a NAT64 resolver, the resolver will not respond with legitimate
> A records for IPv4-only hosts and will instead provide mapped AAAA records.
> This is pretty trivial to work around using one of two techniques:
> + Use different resolvers for NAT64 and non-NAT64 clients.
> + Provide different views for NAT64 vs. non-NAT64 clients.
> Partial NAT64 implementations (hosts that are dual stack for a subset of the IPv4 internet
> but don't have global IPv4 connectivity) are a different problem. This configuration should
> generally be avoided anyway.
> Owen

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