[menog] Root Zone DNSSEC KSK Ceremony 4

Joe Abley joe.abley at icann.org
Mon Feb 7 19:41:58 GMT 2011


The fourth KSK ceremony for the root zone will take place in El
Segundo, CA, USA on Monday 2011-02-07. The ceremony is scheduled
to begin at 1300 local time (1700 UTC) and is expected to end by
1900 local time (2300 UTC).

Video from Ceremony 4 will be recorded for audit purposes.  Video
and associated audit materials will be published 1 to 2 weeks after
the ceremony, and will be available as usual by following the "KSK
Ceremony Materials" link at <https://www.iana.org/dnssec/>.

ICANN will operate a separate camera whose video will not be retained
for audit purposes, but which will instead be streamed live in order
to provide remote observers an opportunity to watch the ceremony.
The live stream will be provided on a best-effort basis. The live
video stream will be available at <http://dns.icann.org/ksk/stream/>.

Ceremony 4 will include processing of a Key Signing Request (KSR)
generated by VeriSign, and the resulting Signed Key Response (SKR)
will contain signatures for Q2 2011, for use in the root zone between
2011-04-01 and 2011-07-05.

We'd like to hear from you. If you have feedback for us, please
send it to rootsign at icann.org.

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