[menog] MENOG 8: Thank you

Ahmed Abu-Abed ahmed at tamkien.com
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A list of nationalities exempt from Jordan visas are shown at the end of this link: http://goo.gl/QO8s2 

Similar one for Egypt at http://www.touregypt.net/visa.htm


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Hi All,

I suggest to have the next MENOG in Jordan, the visa for Jordan is relatively easy.



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Dear MENOG team and members,

Can I kindly suggest that these conferences to be held in a visa neutral countries, where visas are not needed or can be easily and rapidly obtained.   

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  Salaam MENOG Community,

  On behalf of the MENOG Coordination Team, I would like to thank you for 
  helping to make the MENOG 8/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in Al-Khobar, 
  Saudi Arabia such a success. Special thanks goes to those who to jump 
  through visa hoops to join us.

  MENOG 8 included one day of plenary conference incorporating the RIPE 
  NCC Regional Meeting and four days of hands-on technical workshops.

  The event as a whole received lots of positive and appreciative feedback.

  The meeting was well attended by participants from seven different 
  countries. A list of attendees is posted at:

  All presentations are available at:

  An overview of sponsors is posted at:

  Thanks once again on behalf of the MENOG Coordination Team.
  We hope that you will also attend MENOG 9 which will be held in Muscat, 
  Oman in quarter 3, 2011

  Kind regards,
  Osama I. Al-Dosary
  On behalf of the MENOG Coordination Team

  Kais Al-Essa, Sultan AlShamsi, Sandra Gijzen, Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Paul
  Rendek, Philip Smith
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