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Samah Mukhtar Amin Abdelrahman s.mukhtar at canar.com.sd
Tue Oct 22 07:51:16 UTC 2013

Hi Hany,
                I found your Blog is very interested and useful as we are here in Sudan facing same issues regarding the web-filtering solutions and using the bluecoat as well.
I will contact you in the next days to know more about the WireFilter.


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Hi Richard,

thanks for sharing the document, my comment is only on the "network based blocking" :
1. In some cases the intermediary is totally transparent in the network but it needs to give a message to the end-point that the resource is blocked which complicate the protocol. however it is possible and was done on large scale
2. there is  symmetric  and  asymmetric  filtering techniques. up to my knowledge the asymmetric filtering technique is less complex and can be used on large scale ISP. please see my blog about "Internet filtering in Saudi Arabia" : http://www.hany.org/?p=517

I will read the remaining and feed you back if i have any comment

Best Regards,


On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 9:39 PM, Richard Barnes <rlb at ipv.sx<mailto:rlb at ipv.sx>> wrote:
Dear colleagues,

I've been working with the Internet Architecture Board on a document that describes technical considerations regarding the blocking and filtering Internet services.  Since I know there are several experts on the topic in this community, I thought I would forward it in case anyone had comments.

The document can be found at: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-iab-filtering-considerations-04


   The Internet is structured to be an open communications medium.  This
   openness is one of the key underpinnings of Internet innovation, but
   it can also allow communications that may be viewed as undesirable by
   certain parties.  Thus, as the Internet has grown, so have mechanisms
   to limit the extent and impact of abusive or objectionable
   communications.  Recently, there has been an increasing emphasis on
   "blocking" and "filtering," the active prevention of such
   communications.  This document examines several technical approaches
   to Internet blocking and filtering in terms of their alignment with
   the overall Internet architecture.  In general, the approach to
   blocking and filtering that is most coherent with the Internet
   architecture is to inform endpoints about potentially undesirable
   services, so that the communicants can avoid engaging in abusive or
   objectionable communications.

Please send feedback to me, the co-editors (on the CC), or the IAB (iab at iab.org<mailto:iab at iab.org>, who will be ultimately responsible for publication or not).

Thank you very much,


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