[menog] Middle East DNS Forum Program Committee -- Call for Volunteers

Fahd Batayneh fahd.batayneh at icann.org
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BTW, another thing I forgot to mention is that MENOG covers West Asia as well as Egypt and Sudan (no sure of Sudan), while the ME DNS Forum covers not only West Asia, but North Africa as well. If we are to have the ME DNS Forum around MENOG, folks in North Africa would not have the chance to host such a forum.





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I think there would be a need to have some kind of coordination. The ME DNS Forum has to be rotated around the region instead of sticking to one country, for example Dubai. I know the MENOG does rotate but the trouble I had this year with MENOG was that it was right after the ICANN Meeting or even during it. Thats a bit of a pain but then all these organizations and events are independent to organize and schedule on their respective programs.


I wonder how much the MENOG rotates.


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>> As a couple of side notes, the 1st ME DNS Forum took place in Dubai early February. On the other hand, MENOG holds 2 annual meetings with the first being in Dubai sometime in March. This year’s MENOG took place right after the ICANN meeting in Singapore. If we are to have the ME DNS Forum around MENOG, the forum ends up being in Dubai every year, and this does not satisfy the idea of rotating it around the region. Another concern would be to have the forum right after an ICANN meeting (which would be very challenging for various logistical reasons).


> So, perhaps back-to-back with the fall MENOG meeting, so you rotate, and aren’t right up against an ICANN meeting?  I agree that putting it back-to-back with MENOG would very much enhance attendance, and facilitate travel.


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