[menog] Middle East DNS Forum Program Committee -- Call for Volunteers

MarcoH - lists mch-menog at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 17 08:03:27 UTC 2014

> to one country, for example Dubai. I know the MENOG does rotate but
> the trouble I had this year with MENOG was that it was right after the
> ICANN Meeting or even during it. Thats a bit of a pain but then all
> these organizations and events are independent to organize and
> schedule on their respective programs.

As far as I know the clash between MENOG and ICANN this time was a bit of an unfortunate clash. All these meetings are planned well in advance, sometimes years before, to ensure availability of venues etc. A lot of work goes on in the background to try and keep things apart, but with some many organisations meeting at regional and global level this often is a challenge.

The actual overlap was managed to be minimal and only concerned the workshops. Which are a different style of event, with a limited number of participants and being a multi-day training.

The conferences were back-to-back, which is not ideal, but IMHO on a global level nearly impossible to avoid. If you really want that and cater for a week in between every one of them, you end up with 25 weeks a year. Consider 5 RIRs each with 2/3 meetings, 3 IETF meetings, 3 ICANNs and an IGF, the schedule would be near to full. And then you still have to fit in all regional meetings, as well as avoid all holidays.


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