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Friends and Colleagues,


Our friends and colleagues at the Internet Society (ISOC) have issued the
following announcement for a job vacancy for a Regional Director for the
Middle East at


Thank you,





About The Internet Society


The Internet Society is the world's trusted independent source of leadership
for Internet policy, technology standards, and future development. Based on
its principled vision and substantial technological foundation, the Internet
Society works with its members and Chapters around the world to promote the
continued evolution and growth of the open Internet through dialog among
companies, governments, and other organizations around the world.


About the Position


Through focused and strategic engagement, the regional teams continue to
build and enhance relationships and ISOC's profile and credibility across
the wider ecosystem and extend the impact of ISOC's principles and
positions. Coordinated action with chapters and a strong policy engagement
with key stakeholders have allowed ISOC to put our vision and mission at the
very center of the decision makers' agendas and build local support and
partners.  Similarly, ISOC's regional engagement, in close coordination with
chapters, has been instrumental in key technical and policy debates and
events, including IPv6, heightened international visibility and
participation in the IETF and open standards processes and discussions in
regional and global organizations.


Our aim is that regional activities and ISOC regional leadership will be
even more fully integrated into the fabric of the regions so that Internet
shapers from all regions see the activities and positions of ISOC reflecting
their interests as well. Listening to regional perspective to global
positions allows ISOC to integrate feedback that is instrumental to our
cross-organizational efforts to advance Internet technology, policy,
development and related capacity building around the globe.


The Regional Director, Middle East will be responsible for advancing ISOC's
principles and programs within this region and for bringing regional
perspectives to ISOC to advance shared outcomes. Reporting to the Vice
President, Global Engagement, the successful candidate will provide global
leadership and management to develop and achieve local, regional and global
objectives, including projects, practices, campaigns and programs that
create positive recognition and visibility of ISOC's vision, mission, and
values at the regional and local levels.


Within a matrix management model, the Regional Director collaborates with
strategic and operational personnel within ISOC in the design,
prioritization, implementation, integration, and measurement of key programs
that impact the organization's global activities, strategic initiatives and


Externally, the Director will communicate ISOC's messages and positions on a
range of Internet issues spanning the scope of differing regional needs and
priorities in functional areas such as ISOC's objectives on policy,
technology and capacity building. In addition, building and strengthening
sustainable membership and business development are central responsibilities
of the Regional Director. The Director will ensure the progress of each
functional objective and consistently report and liaise with the
departmental leaders on key benchmarking goals in order to underpin the
requirement for bi-directional communication. Overall, the Regional
Director, Middle East is responsible for the full complement of ISOC's
global initiatives and programs and delivery of outcomes at the regional and
local levels. This will be done in close collaboration with ISOC's Chapters,
members, and partners in order to solidify the mission and principles of
ISOC at the regional level.




.         Develop and manage the Middle East Region to prioritize and build
collaboration, engagement, visibility, support and communication around our
mission, principles and practices while keeping global issues and challenges
in mind.

.         Create and leverage opportunities for ISOC to deliver its messages
and principles on technical and policy issues at the local and regional
level. This includes but is not limited to ISOC-organized events such as
INETs (ISOC-organized regional conferences), policy fora, regional events,
workshops and speaking engagements. 

.         .Increase the visibility and positive impact of ISOC's regional
events and projects. Develop strategic communications avenues through which
to publicize and promote ISOC activities in line with ISOC's mission.

.         Establish additional venues for policy information exchange
between the appropriate stakeholders to enable ISOC's work in technical
imperatives to be presented and discussed via local venues such as ISOC's
INETs, regional events and partner forums.

.         Develop communications that will publicize and promote ISOC
activities in line with ISOC's mission through chapters, members, and
partners within the regional area.

.         Engage in direct engagement and communications with key regional

.         Engage with key policy makers, technologists, and thought leaders
in the region in order to monitor sector developments and to influence those
developments in ways that support ISOC's mission. Reach out to policy
makers, as appropriate, on key issues and decisions that impact the global
development and reach of the Internet, including ISOC's engagement with
intergovernmental institutions. 

.         Develop strategies and objective criteria in collaboration with
ISOC global functional champions to effectively extend ISOC's influence and
impact. Work collaboratively across the ISOC organization in order to
provide regionally based information to inform ongoing work and to identify
opportunities to advance global initiatives throughout the region. 

.         Increase the visibility and positive impact of ISOC's regional
events and projects.

.         Own and drive business development activities in the region,
encompassing organization memberships, grants and program sponsorships, in
collaboration with the global resource development team.

.         Grow ISOC's revenue, chapter, and membership base in the region: 

o   strengthen local chapters, develop new chapters, and integrate chapters
into the overall regional strategy. 

o   drive business development and revenue activities in the region,
encompassing organization memberships, grants, and program sponsorships.


Desired Qualifications


.         At least ten years of management experience in building consensus
working in a cause based and/or policy related field.

.         Hands-on experience with Internet policy and regulatory issues,
development programs or educational projects within the respective region.

.         Expertise in one or more facets of ISOC's key areas of focus:
Internet capacity building, program funding, public policy, membership
communications, or technical areas of Internet standards. 

.         Past involvement with the Internet community, such as IGF, ICANN,
IETF, ISOC Chapters or other key stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem is
considered a strong plus.

.         Experience with one or more international intergovernmental
organizations dealing with ICT and Internet issues and in national and the
regional (i.e., in the Middle East) meeting preparatory processes.

.         Broad understanding of Internet-based communication and work
tools, including a strong knowledge of the social media capabilities and
local media influencers. 

.         Demonstrable ability to work in a fast-paced multi-cultural
environment and interact quickly and skillfully with different internal and
external constituencies. 

.         A collaborative work style. 

.         Strong verbal, writing and presentation skills in both English and

.         Commitment to ISOC's organizational mission, vision and values. 

.         Exceptional strategic and proactive leadership and management

.         Willingness and ability to travel extensively. 


Compensation for this position will be competitively commensurate with the
successful applicant's qualifications.


Applicants are encouraged to read ISOC's Business Plan and Budget.


Applicants should forward a resume, salary history, and any other relevant
materials to  <mailto:jobs-regional-director-me at isoc.org>
jobs-regional-director-me at isoc.org.  Applications will be evaluated until
the position has been filled. The list of applicants will not be posted
publicly, and will be reviewed in confidence by members of the evaluation


ISOC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate
based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship,
marital status, veteran status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual
orientation, age or other protected characteristics and complies with all
applicable laws and regulations.

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