[menog] RIPE NCC Dubai Regional Office in Operation - Staff Introductions

Paul Rendek rendek at ripe.net
Mon Jul 21 12:56:59 UTC 2014

Dear colleague,

I am delighted to announce that the RIPE NCC regional office in Dubai,
UAE has officially started its operations in supporting its members and
the Internet technical community.

As you know, the RIPE NCC has been progressively increasing its outreach
activities with a particular focus on the Middle East region. With the
continued growth of this region and direct feedback from our membership
and stakeholders in the region, it has become clear that more resources
are needed locally to meet the expectations of our membership, the
Internet community and local governments.

The RIPE NCC regional office in Dubai is dedicated to maintain and
expand its activities and expertise across the Middle East countries in
cooperation with all our stakeholders in order to address the diverse
needs of its members and the Internet community.

It is with pleasure that I introduce Chafic Chaya, Regional
Communications Manager – Middle East, focused on membership, government,
media and stakeholder relations and Hisham Ibrahim, Regional Program
Manager – Middle East, focused on membership, technical community and
technical initiatives and programs. Chafic and Hisham join Sandra Gijzen
and Paul Rendek to form our RIPE NCC team in Dubai. We now
have a team of four RIPE NCC staff based in the Dubai offices and the
ability to communicate with our members in Arabic.

All registration services remain located in our main offices in
Amsterdam, but our regional presence can provide local support to
ensure a smooth experience with the RIPE NCC.

I look forward to increasing our presence and working closer with the
technical community in this important part of our service region. Below,
I have enclosed a short profile of Chafic and Hisham as well as their 
details. I encourage you to contact them and establish relations so that
the RIPE NCC can better serve the members and community in the Middle East.

Best Regards,
Paul Rendek
Director of External Relations

Chafic Chaya
Email: Chafic Chaya <cchaya at ripe.net>
Mobile: +971 552707007

Hisham Ibrahim
Email: Hisham Ibrahim <hmi at ripe.net>
Mobile: +971 552721010

RIPE NCC Dubai Office Address:
The Loft office 1, Building B1, Suite 206
PO Box: 502678
Dubai Media City
Dubai, UAE
Tel: + 971 43649459

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