[menog] RIPE NCC Dubai Regional Office in Operation - Staff Introductions

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Dear all,

Congratulation to RIPE for securing two great people and assets. I am in no doubt Chafic and Hisham will excel at ripe and serve our region 



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On Jul 23, 2014, at 2:07 PM, Hisham Ibrahim <hmi at ripe.net> wrote:

> Dear MENOG community,
> It is a pleasure to E-meet you all the MENOG mailing list.
> As Paul mentioned in his email, I will focus on the technical community outreach and initiatives for the Middle East region.  
> I look forward to hearing back from you on how you think the RIPE NCC-ME office in Dubai can best serve the region’s technical needs.
> I am excited to be working together, and looking forward to our face to face introductions at the different meetings and forums in the region as well as our upcoming MENOG meetings.
> Regards
> Hisham 
> الأخوة الكرام السلام عليكم جميعا،
> انه لمن دواعي سرورى أن ألتقى بكم جميعا فى هذه القائمة البريدية.
> كما ذكر بول فى بريده الإلكتروني، فإن شغلي الشاغل فى المرحلة القادمة هو التركيز على المبادرات التقنية و بناء التوعية المجتمعية لمنطقة الشرق الأوسط.
> وإنني أتطلع إلى الاستماع منكم جميعا علي رؤيتكم لكيفية و آلية عمل المكتب الإقليمي في دبي لخدمة الاحتياجات التقنية فى المنطقة بشكل أفضل. 
> أنا متحمس للعمل معكم جميعا، و أتطلع إلى مقابلتكم و التواصل معكم فى كافة المحافل و الإجتماعات المختلفة في المنطقة.
>  خالص تحياتي 
> هشام إبراهيم 
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>> Subject: [menog] RIPE NCC Dubai Regional Office in Operation - Staff Introductions
>> Dear colleague,
>> I am delighted to announce that the RIPE NCC regional office in Dubai,
>> UAE has officially started its operations in supporting its members and
>> the Internet technical community.
>> As you know, the RIPE NCC has been progressively increasing its outreach
>> activities with a particular focus on the Middle East region. With the
>> continued growth of this region and direct feedback from our membership
>> and stakeholders in the region, it has become clear that more resources
>> are needed locally to meet the expectations of our membership, the
>> Internet community and local governments.
>> The RIPE NCC regional office in Dubai is dedicated to maintain and
>> expand its activities and expertise across the Middle East countries in
>> cooperation with all our stakeholders in order to address the diverse
>> needs of its members and the Internet community.
>> It is with pleasure that I introduce Chafic Chaya, Regional
>> Communications Manager - Middle East, focused on membership, government,
>> media and stakeholder relations and Hisham Ibrahim, Regional Program
>> Manager - Middle East, focused on membership, technical community and
>> technical initiatives and programs. Chafic and Hisham join Sandra Gijzen
>> and Paul Rendek to form our RIPE NCC team in Dubai. We now
>> have a team of four RIPE NCC staff based in the Dubai offices and the
>> ability to communicate with our members in Arabic.
>> All registration services remain located in our main offices in
>> Amsterdam, but our regional presence can provide local support to
>> ensure a smooth experience with the RIPE NCC.
>> I look forward to increasing our presence and working closer with the
>> technical community in this important part of our service region. Below,
>> I have enclosed a short profile of Chafic and Hisham as well as their 
>> contact
>> details. I encourage you to contact them and establish relations so that
>> the RIPE NCC can better serve the members and community in the Middle East.
>> Best Regards,
>> Paul Rendek
>> Director of External Relations
>> Chafic Chaya
>> Email: Chafic Chaya <cchaya at ripe.net>
>> Mobile: +971 552707007
>> www.ripe.net/internet-coordination/press-centre/publications/speakers/chafic-chaya
>> Hisham Ibrahim
>> Email: Hisham Ibrahim <hmi at ripe.net>
>> Mobile: +971 552721010
>> www.ripe.net/internet-coordination/press-centre/publications/speakers/hisham-ibrahim
>> RIPE NCC Dubai Office Address:
>> The Loft office 1, Building B1, Suite 206
>> PO Box: 502678
>> Dubai Media City
>> Dubai, UAE
>> Tel: + 971 43649459
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