[menog] Unwanted Traffic Removal Service (UTRS)

John Kristoff jtk at cymru.com
Wed Oct 8 14:38:01 UTC 2014

Friends and colleagues,

Yesterday I briefly discussed a new project we've recently launched and
for which invited participation from the NANOG 62 attendees.  This is a
not so subtle wider request for consideration.  UTRS is essentially a
community RTBH that people have suggested to us would be a good service
to provide, so we're giving it a go.  Yesterday's lightning talk page
has the slide deck I presented:


I've also put some additional technical detail here:


If you have an assigned ASN and this sounds like something you or your
network would like to take advantage of, drop me a line, I'd sure like
to hear about it.

If you think this is a terrible idea and want to express all that is
wrong with it, tell me that too, I can take it.

Even if you're unsure if you would ultimately deploy it in production,
but are interested in testing it, do contact me.  We won't expend energy
on this project and will drop it if we there isn't sufficient interest
from the community, but enough trial users would be encouraging.



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