[menog] Call for Presentations RIPE 70

Osama I. Al-Dosary dosary at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 06:28:17 UTC 2015

Call for Presentations

A RIPE Meeting is an open event where Internet Service Providers,
network operators and other interested parties get together.  Although
the meeting is mostly technical, it is also a chance for people to meet
and network with others in their field.

RIPE 70 will take place from 11-15 May 2015 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The RIPE Programme Committee (PC) is now seeking content proposals from
the RIPE community for the plenary session presentations, BoFs (Birds of
a Feather sessions), panels, workshops, tutorials and lightning talks at
RIPE 70.  The PC is looking for presentations covering topics of network
engineering and operations, including but not limited to:

- IPv6 deployment
- Managing IPv4 scarcity in operations
- Commercial transactions of IPv4 addresses
- Data centre technologies
- Network and DNS operations
- Internet governance and regulatory practices
- Network and routing security
- Content delivery
- Internet peering and mobile data exchange


RIPE Meeting attendees are quite sensitive to keeping presentations
non-commercial, and product marketing talks are strongly discouraged.
Repeated audience feedback shows that the most successful talks focus on
operational experience, research results, or case studies.  For example,
presenters wishing to describe a commercial solution should focus on
the underlying technology and not attempt a product demonstration.

The RIPE PC accepts proposals for different presentation formats,
including plenary session presentations, tutorials, workshops, BoFs
(Birds of a Feather sessions) and lightning talks.  See the full
descriptions of these formats at

Presenters who are proposing a panel or BoF are encouraged to include
speakers from several (perhaps even competing) companies and/or a
neutral facilitator.

In addition to presentations selected in advance for the plenary, the
RIPE PC also offers several time slots for "lightning talks", which are
selected immediately before or during the conference.

The following general requirements apply:

- Proposals for plenary session presentations, BoFs, panels, workshops
    and tutorials must be submitted for full consideration no later than
    1 March 2015, using the meeting submission system at
https://ripe70.ripe.net/submit-topic/submission-form/. Proposals
submitted after
    this date will be considered on a space-available basis.

    Important Dates regarding RIEP 70 can be found at:

- Lightning talks should also be submitted using the meeting submission
    system (_https://ripe70.ripe.net/submit-topic/submission-form/_) and
can be submitted
    just days before the RIPE Meeting starts or even during the meeting
    week.  The allocation of lightning talk slots will be announced in
    short notice – in some cases on the same day but often one day prior
    to the relevant session.

- Presenters should indicate how much time they will require.  See more
    information on time slot allocations per presentation format at

- Proposals for talks will only be considered by the PC if they contain
    at least draft presentation slides (slides may be updated later on).
    For panels, proposals must contain a clear description, as well as
    the names of invited panellists, presenters and moderators.

- Due to potential technical issues, it is expected that most, if not
    all, presenters/panellists will be physically present at the RIPE

If you have any questions or requests concerning content submissions,
please email pc [at] ripe [dot] net.


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