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We were going through the same process last year.
Among the free ipam solutions, we selected phpipam and nipap.
For simplicity reasons we decided to implement phpipam

But 6 months later I can say the following:
Phpipam is missing one important feature that Service Providers need:
Being able to allocate prefixes from a pool, and add address space to a pool.

Phpipam is very static in this regard and only manages usage at the ip level.
So even if you allocate a /28 to a customer the usage will be 0% if you do not reserve every single IP in this range.
>From a service provider view you really want to avoid micro-managing single ip addresses.

Nipap answers this requirement.

Both tools are pure IPAM solution and won't manage your DCHP/DNS (as far as I know)
Both have APIs so integration with DNS/DHCP could be scripted.
Phpipam has discovery, Nipap doesn't (but it's the version 2.0 roadmap)
Phpipam's database is very simple so if you have an existing IP plan, let's say in excel, you'l be able to easily import it.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Dear

There is a IPAM software from manageengine.



Is there any comparative for these products?

Amir.H Gerami.R
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6connect also do IPAM and Aaron (CEO & Founder) is part of our peering community .. so if you're going to spend money, may as well do it with friends :)


Kind regards

On 26 September 2015 at 19:39, Erik Bais <ebais at a2b-internet.com<mailto:ebais at a2b-internet.com>> wrote:

You may want to have a look at the following IPAM software :  http://spritelink.github.io/NIPAP/

Open Source .. I'm pretty sure it requires a Linux setup.. but it is one you should have a look at.. it supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
Due to the usage of the PostgreSQL DB, the IPv6 support is native.

Have fun.

Erik Bais

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Hello everybody ,

I am looking for two powerful and free tools to manage ip address space and to documnet the network of ISP scale .
I need the IPAM tool to discover the free and used addresses and  to return the description of this ip address . if possible i want to run it over windows not server nor linux system ( if possible )
I need the doc tool to  document the network and can add to it presentaion and docs also if possible to run over normal window not server nor linux ( if possible )

thanks in advance

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