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Dear colleagues,

together with Euro-IX, Comcast and ISOC, the RIPE NCC is hosting a
hackathon focused on developing tools for Internet Exchange Points (IXPs),
in the weekend before RIPE73, in Madrid.

While the past three hackathons have specifically focused on
RIPE Atlas, this event will include other data sources as well,
such as: the Routing Information Service (RIS) and the PeeringDB.

We will work on existing software tools that deal with IXP-data-integration
in order to solve some of the challenges that operators have when making
peering decisions, and to illustrate the impact of IXPs on the Internet
routing and connectivity.

We are looking for designers and developers, students and network
operators, and of course colleagues from IXPs, to work together on hacking
the new & old toolsets and visualizations!

All source code developed during the hackathon will be publicly licensed
and available on GitHub, and will be free for the entire community to use.

How to Apply

Interested? Learn more and apply online today!


*The application deadline is 15 September*

Thanks to our generous sponsors, there is a (limited) travel funding
available for certain categories of applicants.

Please find more information in this RIPE Labs article:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Vesna Manojlovic
Community Builder

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