[menog] Fwd: [ipv6-wg] New on RIPE Labs: Can You Make IPv6 Work Commercially?

Michael Oghia mike.oghia at gmail.com
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Hi all,

Below is a post by Marco Hogewoning from RIPE NCC. I also encourage you all
to join the second call of the IGF IPv6 Best Practice Forum today (July 7)
at noon UTC (2 PM CET).

Meeting number (access code): 951 566 416
Meeting password: IGF2016



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Subject: [ipv6-wg] New on RIPE Labs: Can You Make IPv6 Work Commercially?
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Dear colleagues,

Large scale IPv6 deployments suggest that IPv6 is at least a technical
success, the technology works. Time to visit the other important
question: does it work commercially. Does IPv6 really come with a
positive business case? We are about to find out, if you help us...

Read more on RIPE Labs:


Please also note the poll next to the article.

Kind regards,
Mirjam Kuehne
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