[menog] New Content on RIPE Labs

MENOG Secertariat menog at ripe.net
Thu Jun 30 14:17:19 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Some interesting articles have been published on RIPE Labs recently.
Here are some of the highlights from June:

1. Hisham Ibrahim gave an update of the RIPE NCC activities in the Middle East:

2. Vesna Manojlovic described some interesting results the RIPE Atlas Interface
Hackathon at RIPE 72 produced:

3. Emile Aben got together with George Michaelson and Randy Bush and looked
at how the BGP table size can be reduced:

4. Marco Hogewoning attended an Internet of Things event and is wondering how
all these things will be connected:

5. Babak Farrokhi from Iran used RIPE Atlas to look at K-root
reachability in the Middle East and Central Asia:

6. Geoff Huston wrote an article about the importance of an Open Internet:

Maybe you will be the next one to publish an article on RIPE Labs? 
If interested please mail us and we can help you write it.

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