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Subject: [Internet Policy] 2016 IGF Best Practices Open For Public Comment
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Dear All,

You will remember that we recently shared on this list a call to contribute
to developing the IGF 2016 Policy Options for Connecting and Enabling the
Next Billion

I'm pleased to share that the draft *IGF 2016 Best Practices* are now also
ready and open for comment. Developed in an open and multistakeholder
fashion, they focus this year on Gender and Access, Cybersecurity, IXPs and

You'll find below additional information on how to contribute.

We encourage you to participate and to share this information with your

Many thanks,



Dear All,

The draft output documents of the four 2016 IGF Best Practice Forums (BPFs)
are now all available for public comment on the IGF review platform

The IGF community is hereby invited and encouraged to comment on all of
these documents between now and the upcoming 11th IGF in Mexico from 6-9
December 2016 <http://igf2016.mx/>.

While each BPF adopted its own unique methodology suited to its specific
theme over the past few months, these documents were all produced as the
outcomes of multistakeholder, bottom-up and community-driven processes. We
are thankful to the numerous volunteers and community members who have and
continue to contribute to these valuable processes.

*How to comment:*

Each BPF has a separate section on the IGF’s review platform:

•         2016 IGF BPF on Gender and Access
- *Overcoming barriers to enable women’s meaningful Internet access*

•         2016 IGF BPF on Cybersecurity
- *Building Confidence and Security in the use of Information and
Communications Technologies (ICTs) through Enhanced Cooperation and

•         2016 IGF BPF on IXPs
- *Contributing to the success and continued development of Internet
exchange points.*

•         2016 IGF BPF IPv6
- *Understanding the commercial and economic incentives behind a successful
IPv6 deployment.*

For ease of use, all BPFs have also sub-divided their drafts into different
parts on the review platform.

Make use of the navigation bar on the left of the Review Platform to move
between different sections and to read and comment on the entire document
for each BPF. Each Part may furthermore be divided into sub-sections or
‘pages’. Please use the page buttons at the bottom of a Part to scroll to
sub-sections or pages in each Part.

*What to know when commenting:*

All comments on the review platform are public. For contributors preferring
to remain anonymous, pseudonyms may be used.

All comments have to adhere to the IGF's Code of Conduct
<http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-code-of-conduct-0> in
respect of fairness and reasonableness.

*Thank you in advance for your active engagement and participation in the
IGF BPFs and we look forward to reviewing all of your comments!*

Best regards,

IGF Secretariat
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