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Hi everyone,

The IGF Best Practice Forum on IPv6 is still looking for relevant case
studies from the Middle East and Africa. See Izumi (the MAG coordinator's)
email below.


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Date: Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 6:08 PM
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Thank you Wim, and many thanks to everyone who have helped us collect case
studies and provided feedback to the draft.
Case Studies certain helped us add vivid stories and helped extract some

There are still parts  of the document we would like to call for input,

  - Cost Simulation (Section 4.1.5)
  - Sectoral Observations: Still limited description for Cloud Service
Providers, Vendors - in terms of areas which needs more work(Section 4.2)
  - Remaining challenges (Section 5)

It would also be good to hear more cases about African and Middle Eastern
case, both successful and challenges.

We'll discuss more outreach at the coming call but if you can think of
individuals who can help us on these areas, reaching out to them and asking
for their input in the public comment would be much appreciated.


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*To:* IGF BPFs <bp_ipv6 at intgovforum.org>
*Date:* 2016/11/4, Fri 19:22
*Subject:* [Bp_ipv6] BPF IPv6 - public input

Dear All,

The draft BPF IPv6 output document is now available on the IGF website for
public input.


(for those who prefer reading the doc on google docs; here is the link

The process is not finished !
You’ll receive a doodle poll for the call next Wednesday, to discuss our
next steps.

Thank you to all who have contributed so far!!

Kind Regards

*Wim Degezelle*
*Consultant IGF BPF IPv6*
*Consultant IGF BPF on IXPs*
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