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Dear colleagues,

The 11th Internet Governance Forum
<http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/> will be held next week, from 6-9
December, in Guadalajara, Mexico. This email serves to inform you of three
events specifically related to the Middle East and North Africa, of which
iGmena <https://igmena.org/> or our partners will be participating as well.
Note that all times below are in the local time in Guadalajara (CST) with
UTC+2 written next to it.

*Event 1 - Mapping digital rights in the Middle East and North Africa: A
new visual tool for comparative analysis*

*When: *Day 0 (5 December) - 09:00-10:00 CST* (17:00-18:00 UTC+2)*

*Where: *Workshop Room 3, PALCCO Centre, Guadalajara, Mexico

*Link: *http://sched.co/8hsA

This session will introduce a new tool hosted by the Internet Legislation
Atlas <http://www.internetlegislationatlas.org/> (ILA), a project by Hivos
and ARTICLE 19.


   - Hanane Boujemi (Hivos, iGmena director)
   - Noha Fathy (iGmena, ILA project coordinator)
   - Niels ten Oever (ARTICLE 19, head of digital)
   - Walid Al-Saqaf (ILA board member)

*Event 2 - Challenges of Internet Governance in MENA region (lightning

*When: *Day 3 (8 December) - 14:15-14:35 CST *(22:15-22:35 UTC+2)*

*Where:* Lightning session area, PALCCO Centre, Guadalajara, Mexico

*Link: *http://sched.co/90xq

Layal Bahnam *(Maharat Foundation)* will give a 20 minute talk about the
region through the lens of Maharat Foundation's work

*Event 3 - WS 165: Fostering Digital Capacities for Decent Life in the MENA

*When: *Day 3 (8 December) - 15:00-16:30 CST *(23:00-00:30 UTC+2)*

*Where:* Workshop Room 2, PALCCO Centre, Guadalajara, Mexico

*Link: *http://sched.co/8hu7


   - Walid Al-Saqaf (Moderator)
   - Nadira Al-Araj
   - Hisham Aboulyazed
   - Hanane Boujemi
   - Cherkaoui Leghris
   - Nibal Idlebi
   - Fatma Oumrane
   - Mohit Saraswat
   - Hafedh Yahmadi

Event 4 - WS 262: VoIP Crackdown: Implications for government, telecom, &
civil society

*When: *Day 4 (9 December) - 11:00-12:30 CST *(19:00-20:30 UTC+2)*

*Where:* Workshop Room 8, PALCCO Centre, Guadalajara, Mexico

*Link: *http://sched.co/8hvA


   - Houda Belkassem
   - Wafa Ben Hassine (AccessNow)
   - Al Walid Chennoufi
   - Amin Jobran (ASL19)
   - Keith McManamen (Psiphon)

*A note about remote participation*

If you cannot attend the IGF in person, make sure you register to
participate remotely at: http://www.intgovforum.

You can also participate in a remote hub


Michael J. Oghia
iGmena <http://igmena.org/> communications manager
2016 ISOC IGF returning ambassador
Independent #netgov consultant & editor

Belgrade, Serbia
Skype: mikeoghia
Twitter <https://www.twitter.com/MikeOghia> *|* LinkedIn
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