[menog] Menog Digest, Vol 110, Issue 4

Assem Alwadee assem1999 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 18:57:51 UTC 2017

Hello All ,

I am asking for help to support me in making a statistics.report.

I am working as Internet Engineer in an ISP , I am asking for help in how I
can make a statistics report that include for example  internet penetration
, average internet speed, average bandwidth usage , shared bandwidth ,
average cost of bandwidth ….etc.

I will appreciate if somebody would give any source that can help me in
what data shall be collected  , what are the producers or formula shall I
use , and any consideration shall I put them in doing that .

Best Regards

*Assem Alwadee*

Network Engineer

YemenNet - Public Telecommunication Corporation

TV St , Sana’a , Yemen

Phone +967 1 259 050 <01%20259%20050>

Mobile +967 777 014 846 <0777%20014%20846>

Email: *assem at yemen.net.ye <assem at yemen.net.ye>*
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