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Dear all,

The RIPE NCC is proud to support the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund,
providing EUR 250,000 per year for projects supporting Internet resilience
and operations.

Projects will be selected by a committee comprised of a RIPE NCC Executive
Board Member and three volunteers from the RIPE community.

You can find more info at:

What projects should be funded? Volunteer for the selection committee!

Do you have a keen eye for emerging talents and innovative ideas? Would you
like to shape the development of projects that will help the technical
community? Please nominate yourself or someone you know to help decide
which projects receive funding.

*Nominations will be accepted until 16 September 2017*

To apply, please send an email to <projectsfund at ripe.net> and include:
- A brief introduction of yourself and your professional experience
- What particular traits/insights you’d bring to the committee

Committee members will need to commit to serving a minimum term of one year
(and a maximum of three) to ensure continuity. The committee is responsible
for reviewing applications from late November until late December.

The RIPE NCC Executive Board will review and choose candidates from the
nominations received. Committee members chosen will be contacted in early
October. The committee will be announced as part of the offical launch of
the RIPE NCC Community Projects Fund at RIPE 75 in Dubai (22-26 October).

Best regards,

Gergana Petrova
External Relations

Stationsplein 11, 1012 AB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T: +31 20 535 4444
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