[menog] Fwd: MENOG 17

Milad Afshar afshar.milad89 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 08:56:43 UTC 2017

Hi Dear All,
I accidentally sent my mail to the MENOG mailing list instead of MENOG
I apologize for that email.
Best Regards
Milad Afshari

Hi Dear MENOG ,
I registered for MENOG17 meeting with my new LIR *(ir.sls)*, I have another
administration on lir *(ir.rspn)* and registered for the meeting with this
LIR too, because this month is the last month which I have cooperation with
ir.rspn (Respina Networks & Beyond) I want to be sure there is no problem
with participating in the meeting, because in the attendee list my name is
registered with Respina Network & Beyond company.
I am looking forward hearing form you.
Best Regards
Milad Afshari
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