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This job opening might be of interest to those who have expertise in
Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). If interested, please login to your
LinkedIn account and apply.


Fahd Batayneh




Job description

The Technical Manager, IDN (Internationalized domain name) Program will work
with the Director of the IDN Program in the development and execution of IDN
TLD initiatives and projects to facilitate the introduction and maintenance
of IDN TLDs in the DNS Root Zone. Duties include executing multiple projects
under the IDN TLD program, maintaining toolsets, implementing the IDN ccTLD
Fast Track Process, administering IDN program support tasks and undertaking
program communications. 


Key Responsibilities: 

*	Manage projects under the IDN Program, from among Label Generation
Ruleset for the Root Zone, IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process, IDN Implementation
Guidelines, IDN Language Table Repository, IDN Variant TLD Implementation,
Label Generation Rules Toolset maintenance and others. 
*	Contribute to additional projects and initiatives across ICANN
related to IDNs, including Universal Acceptance, Email Address
Internationalization and Registrations Data and Services. 
*	Participate in the preparation of detailed technical reports and
presentations related to the IDN Program for internal and external
*	Present at informational sessions regarding the status of the IDN
Program and its projects. 
*	Maintain web content for the various projects in the IDN Program,
including internal and community wiki pages. 
*	Organize and support online and face to face meetings organized by
the IDN Program for its projects. 
*	Manage the contracting and invoicing processes for all consultants
and vendors working on different projects in the IDN Program. 
*	Assist in program budgeting and planning, and track program budget
and plans. 
*	Plan and execute an effective communication plan for the IDN
*	Other duties as assigned or requested. 


Essential Job Functions: 

*	Utilize in-depth knowledge of IDNs, localization, linguistics and
related standards and protocols in the implementation of the IDNs in the DNS
Root Zone. 
*	Plan, develop, maintain and/or enhance IDN Program related software,
utilities and tools. 
*	Advise potential IDN ccTLD string applicants on technical and
procedural aspects of their application. 
*	Execute, in collaboration with team members, several IDN Program
*	Identify, design and implement improvements in systems and
*	Undertake effective communication to inform and engage internal and
external stakeholders. 
*	Administer and support the budgeting, contracting, planning and
execution of the IDN Program. 



*	College degree with preference for a degree in computer science or
other relevant technical field, and preference for an advanced college
*	Strong experience in design, development and testing of software and
tools, with Python and Java programming languages. 
*	Experience of working with Unicode standard with experience in
*	Understanding of the Internet Infrastructure, Doman Name System
(DNS), Internet Protocols, including those relevant to IDNs. Knowledge of
the IDN related work being undertaken by ICANN and the community is strongly
*	Preferably experience with registry operations, including
registry-registrar interfacing. 
*	Excellent writing skills, with significant experience in writing
technical reports. 
*	Ability to communicate difficult and sensitive information
effectively in culturally diverse settings. 
*	Fluency in another language, in addition to English, is strongly
*	Experience in working in an international environment is strongly

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