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Fahd Batayneh fahd.batayneh at icann.org
Wed Jul 1 07:15:25 UTC 2020

Friends and Colleagues,

ICANN Learn, the ICANN Online Learning Platform (OLP), has a course entitled “Writing for Policy and Public Comments” that you might find interesting.

This course will give you tools and resources to improve your writing skills as a writer. For newcomers to ICANN, writing (especially in relation to policy) is often intimidating and overwhelming. After completing this course, you will be able to identify ways to improve your writing and increase your ability to participate within the ICANN multistakeholder model via written content.

This course assumes a basic understanding of ICANN and the ways you can participate in the policy development process. Before continuing this course, we encourage you to take 102 Introduction to ICANN,which will provide a foundation for newcomers to understand the different ways you can contribute as a writer at ICANN.

While the course shares examples from ICANN’s Public Comments process, grasping the basic ideas should help you gain the necessary knowledge to make public comments by any process or organization.

You can access the course here >> https://learn.icann.org/#/online-courses/0e01a925-9a66-46bd-9e6e-466e5494abb7.

Other courses on ICANN Learn can be found here https://learn.icann.org/.

Happy learning!

Thank you,

Fahd Batayneh
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