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Fahd Batayneh fahd.batayneh at icann.org
Tue Jul 7 09:57:33 UTC 2020

Friends and Colleagues,

ICANN Learn, the ICANN Online Learning Platform (OLP), has a course entitled “DNS Fundamentals” that you might find interesting.

The course will teach you the basics of the Domain Name System (DNS). It will take you through the different components of the DNS; explain resource records, the different types, and why they are useful; delve into DNS processes such as DNS delegations, DNS resolution, and caching; and discuss the importance of avoiding security risks associated with DNS behavior. There will also be short assessments along the way for you to check in and see if you are learning the key points.

The course needs 60-90 minutes for completion, and is an excellent course for junior DNS administrators, university students, and anyone who would like to understand the basics of the DNS.

You can access the course here >> https://learn.icann.org/#/online-courses/53780f75-d6c7-41c4-850f-e32e37f2b3de.

Other courses on ICANN Learn can be found here https://learn.icann.org/.

Happy learning!

Thank you,

Fahd Batayneh
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