[menog] RE: [ncc-regional-middle-east] Peering

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Thu Aug 2 01:31:31 GMT 2007

      On Tue, 31 Jul 2007, Salman Al-Mannai wrote:
    > The initial proposal, as put together by Saleem
    > suggested two options: Centralized Model and
    > Distributed or Bilateral.  On the centralized model, 
    > the obvious locations for an IX are:  Dubai-UAE and 
    > Jeddah-KSA primarily due to the global FO availability.

Hello, Salman.

With regard to the above, I think that if we were having this conversation 
fifteen years ago, it would still have been reasonable to discuss the need 
for a single IXP for the region.  But the time for that is pretty clearly 
past...  If you look at this map of IXP distribution:


You'll note that the Middle East is the only developed region of the world 
other than Mexico that doesn't already have a fairly dense distribution of 
IXPs to support communications growth, at this point.  Rather than 
thinking about one location, I think you'd need to be looking at thirty 
or forty, to reach parity.  And if you think about what thirty or forty 
cities in the Middle East means, you don't have to do any winnowing: it 
includes every capitol and every major city in the region.  Just as every 
capitol and every major city in Europe and East Asia have them.

So if the question is "Jeddah or Dubai" the answer is "yes, and Manama and 
Doha and Muscat and Riyadh..."


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