IPTV Successes was [RE: [menog] FW: MENOG Aftermath]

Scott Weeks surfer at mauigateway.com
Mon Jul 30 22:33:54 GMT 2007

: From: calshatti at gic.com.kw [mailto:calshatti at gic.com.kw]
: We have implemented Exterity IPTV and it is working great.

--- fahad at 2connectbahrain.com wrote:
From: "Fahad AlShirawi" <fahad at 2connectbahrain.com> 

This is great news ;) Details details ;) How big a deployment? 
How many Channels? Challenges faced? :D Maybe you can even 
give us a presentation during next MENOG but until then, let's 
talk details ;)

Please do share.  I am in the middle of helping implement IPTV 
and definitely would like to hear about your successes and the 
problems you've overcome.

:: Which reminds me, everyone, please feel free to thank
:: Guarab for putting this list up

Thanks Guarab!  :-)


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